Elios Kovaçi


Graduated from Polis University, P12′ with a notable vision for the BIT, rooted by the city centre expansion of Tirana proposed by DAR Group in 2013 as a imagination exercise for urban displacements and innovation through urban interaction.

Visiting student at TU ViennaBauhaus Dessau, ARH Belgrade.

Visiting student T13′ at Tuck School of Business, auditing Introduction to Entrepreneurship classes by Gregg Fairbrothers.


  1. Digital Designer / Space Architects
  2. Assistant Professor / Polis University
  3. Mapping Specialist / URI
  4. Project Coordinator / Archispace
  5. Project Assistant / PioveneFabi

Cofounder and CEO of several entrepreneurial initiatives as EPT,  3Da, Polis UC and Googoats Coworking Space.

Associated with DEN alumni, BAN network, GSS alumni and UPA P12‘.


  1. Preservation of Saint Mary Cathedral in Voskopoje, Albania. Organized by CHWB and received a certificate of completion.
  2. Skopje Architecture Week, Skopje, Macedonia.
  3. Tirana Architecture Week, Tirana, Albania.
  4. Revitalization of City Squares in Balkan cities, Kotor, Montenegro.
  5. Mixer, Belgrade, Serbia.
  6. Revival of Surrel Camp, Tirana, Albania.